32nd Annual Iowa Renaissance Festival
May 25-26-27 & June 1-2 / Oct 12-13, 2024 • 10 am – 6 pm
Middle Amana Community Park (“Medici Grove”) – Amana Colonies, Iowa

Last Updated: 1/20/2020

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the dates & times? See the front page of this site.
  • What is the cost? See the front page of this site.
  • Are there multi day discounts? Yes – see the front page of this site.
  • Is there a military discount? Yes – all current or retired military with military ID get in free on Memorial Day (Monday).
  • Does front gate accept cards? Yes, cash and credit cards can be taken at front gate.
  • Do I have to have advance tickets? No. Tickets are always available onsite at the front gate.
  • Is there ATM on site? Yes
  • Is there a schedule of events? Just prior to Festival there should be one posted on our Facebook page & possibly website. But you will also get a printed one at front gate. 
  • What is the location of the event? Middle Amana park in Middle Amana, IA. Approximate GPS location is 27th Avenue and H Street.  There’s no actual 911 address for this location. If you get to the Casey’s at Middle Amana & still don’t know where to go, stop in & give them some business & ask for directions. ☺ 
  • What happens if it rains? The show goes on!! This is a rain or shine event. All entertainment & merchants will remain open as long as it is not a threatening weather situation.
  • Are there bathrooms onsite? Yes – porta potties and a few flushing toilets. 
  • Is there camping onsite? Only for merchants. We recommend the Amana RV Center campgrounds for all your camping needs…just down the road! www.amanarvpark.com
  • Is there parking onsite? Yes. And when the lots are full we will start parking at the Amana RV park & shuttle people to the site. Both are free parking. 
  • Can I bring my dog? Yes. Well behaved, leashed dogs are always welcome. PLEASE bring baggies to clean up after your dog. Any aggression seen in dogs will be cause for management to ask you to leave. Remember there are other dogs, ponies, large joust horses, children, loud noises, loud music, breakables in the merchant tent. If your dog isn’t used to any of these we suggest you leave them home. 
  • Can I bring my own food? We ask that you leave your food in your vehicle. If you want to leave to have a picnic lunch, we’ll stamp your hand & let you back in afterwards. Plastic water bottles are fine. 
  • Is there free water onsite? At this time, no there is not. There will be plenty of beverages including water for sale
  • Can I bring my weapon? IF your weapon is part of your outfit, it must be peace tied at all times while at the Festival. We will inspect your peace tie at the front gate & have zip ties available if weapon is not done correctly.
  • Can I smoke on the grounds? Yes in designated smoking areas, or you are welcome to go back to your vehicle. Just ask for a hand stamp at front gate. 
  • Is the Festival wheelchair accessible? Yes…to some degree. Please be aware that as a town park, the grounds are not flat. We are set on a hill & there are quite a few large trees with possible tree roots exposed. There will be a few handicap parking spots near the front gate, but the front gate is also up a slight hill. 
  • Are there costumes for rent? There are not merchants that rent costumes, but there will be plenty of merchants with clothing for sale at all price points! You will be able to completely outfit & accessorize yourself in no time! 

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